Music posts are a bannable offense.
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Stuffing joo tits into Mattel's EZ bake ovens for baron trumpy to huff while learn to jack off retarded peter looking at mommie's nekked cuntpix, and daddy dearest providing a fathers KnowE!!!? best moment by watter sporting virus laden pee pee from a diamond encrusted chandelier as betty lee yang peggs Ye Olde Baron's crap shooter with play dough shaft. Solo Hannemans corpse. Tuba interdude by 10000 dead chinx swinging from trees wailing out coltrane riffs and chanting Helix lyrics..GIMME an R. "R" oh. O! See "C" kaye? "K". whatchoo talking about willis? "ROCK" and what you gonna do? "Stick boogers on my penis, cause I'm retarded baron, borne of purple mushoom jizz shootin'' :mastoman:
rileyo wrote:i like that she's wearing high heels &stockings to get fucked by dead pigs,that's some real forward thinking metal right there
LordDarksoul wrote:Thanks for the concern, Fucktractor.
BUNGVOX wrote:i don't want metallica to shit their pants. i want metallica to shit MY pants.
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