Scott Pilgrim vs. The World should get an award......

Music posts are a bannable offense.
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I also like that part and the classic hotchka'ing
if there's anybody in the world who'd be fucking unobservant enough to actually damage themselves with trap-soap I guess it'd be the guy with dialup in 2007
Foot Foot wrote:that's enough. white girls.
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mastoman wrote:Who goes to a movie with Michael Cera in it thinking it has any chance of being good?
Exactly. He was great in Arrested Development and Children's Hospital (adult Swim), but after like like 5 shit movies in a row you think he'd have faded away by now.

The kid from Adventureland is better at Cera than Cera anyway. I'll just watch his movies.
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why is everyone talking about this AGAIN this week??

my co-worker was just going through clips on youtube for 2 hours the other day

I'll give them the following though:

1. "she punched the highlights out of her hair" - classic

2. ripping off No More Heroes for a scene. . . . .made me want a No More Heroes movie.

Suda 7, get on this shit
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noah thirteen wrote:
Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:12 pm
ratanda wrote:This thread almost makes me want to check out this movie.
Let us know what you think.......
It was stupid.
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Is that angry incel punk rock song buried in this thread somewhere? It’s actually pretty catchy, can’t tell if this is tongue in check or not.

MeatGrease wrote: Giuliani kicks ass
never forget
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I think its totally sincere, as far as sarcastic punk goes (you know what i mean).

That band has a few great songs. Obviously I don't agree with the sentiments illustrated in them at all, but it was pretty strange to realize I was listening to good Republican punk.
Zerohero wrote:
Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:59 am
cleaning out old stuff in the freezer--- old slice of leftover pizza..boom eaten back to life
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fuckin noah :wank:
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I have come this far without ever seeing this movie and I don't plan on ever seeing it.
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