improve the ending of The Waltons

Music posts are a bannable offense.
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G'nite JimmyRay!
Eat Shit Sue Ellen!
Take a shit Bobby Sue!
Huff dicks Gramma!
Quit whacking off JimBob!
Use a condom mamma!
Fuck off John Boy!

rileyo wrote:i like that she's wearing high heels &stockings to get fucked by dead pigs,that's some real forward thinking metal right there
LordDarksoul wrote:Thanks for the concern, Fucktractor.
BUNGVOX wrote:i don't want metallica to shit their pants. i want metallica to shit MY pants.
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Fact #7
From an empirical viewpoint, the problem with Free Will (and causality) is reconciling determinism and freedom to make sense of morality.
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