if u got ding dong skills i’ll huff yer dong

Music posts are a bannable offense.
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There Was Blood Everywhere
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but I have to wait until I graduate high school because I turn 18 in second week july i like grape juice and sharp cheddar cheese i have an ingrown toenail from dropping a can of creamy spinach and my dad called me a freeloading wench i get by on my looks salt water taffy when frozen makes for good toilet entertainment mr marcus spent long time save relapse swag bux wilting lettuce for cigar wrap
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It’s Mr Marcus’s neighborhood, you’re just living in it Cunt.
MeatGrease wrote: Giuliani kicks ass
never forget
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kevin hash
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This thread is a winner.

:invcross: BUNGVOX got powerbombed off the stage because he wasn't T.W.O 4 LIFE brother. :invcross:
Total Recluse
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I roded by some africa mart, they wanted to call it Fortune Market, but spelling was a bit off... so it sayzzzz

FAR :invcross: UN MARKE :invcross:

i eat carrots

i like carrots

do you like carrot?
rileyo wrote:i like that she's wearing high heels &stockings to get fucked by dead pigs,that's some real forward thinking metal right there
LordDarksoul wrote:Thanks for the concern, Fucktractor.
BUNGVOX wrote:i don't want metallica to shit their pants. i want metallica to shit MY pants.
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