Last Comic Book You Read 1-10

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Been revisiting some old art favorites - Swamp Thing, Marvel Fanfare (and all other Michael Golden and P. Craig Russell stuff), Alpha Flight, FF, Omac, X/Next Men Byrne binge, Machine Man (Kirby and BWS series), Weapon X, Age of Reptiles, Hard Boiled, Ladronn Inhumans.

Monsters - Man, this is miserably dark for BWS. Not what I was expecting at all. Drags a bit in places, but keeps you locked in pretty tight for the most part.
Shaolin Cowboy : Who'll Stop the Reign. Fun stuff as usual. I follow Geof Darrow on Facebook, he recently posted some art and a clip from a currently defunct Shaolin Cowboy anime film that got halfway completed before the pandemic got it shitcanned. Maybe coming back?

Simon Bisley totally sucks now, like what the fuck happened to that guy level suckage. His art has gone the way of Frank Miller, just zero effort phoned in bullshit.
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Sensational She-Hulk #1-60 - 6
Fantastic Four #101-200 - 8.5
The Mighty Thor #201-300 - 9

holy shit those early Simonson issues...
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I just re read all of Berserk and am now sad.
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