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Notes on the Below
Ada Limón - 1976-

—For Mammoth Cave National Park

Humongous cavern, tell me, wet limestone, sandstone caprock,
bat-wing, sightless translucent cave shrimp,

this endless plummet into more of the unknown,
how one keeps secrets for so long.

All my life, I’ve lived above the ground,
car wheels over paved roads, roots breaking through concrete,
and still I’ve not understood the reel of this life’s purpose.

Not so much living, but a hovering without sense.

What’s it like to be always night? No moon, but a few lit up
circles at your many openings. Endless dark, still time
must enter you. Like a train, like a green river?

Tell me what it is to be the thing rooted in shadow.
To be the thing not touched by light (no that’s not it)
to not even need the light? I envy; I envy that.

Desire is a tricky thing, the boiling of the body’s wants,
more praise, more hands holding the knives away.

I’ve been the one who has craved and craved until I could not see
beyond my own greed. There’s a whole nation of us.

To forgive myself, I point to the earth as witness.

To you, your Frozen Niagara, your Fat Man’s Misery,
you with your 400 miles of interlocking caves that lead
only to more of you, tell me,

what it is to be quiet, and yet still breathing.

Ruler of the Underlying, let me
speak to both the dead and the living as you do. Speak
to the ruined earth, the stalactites, the eastern small-footed bat,

to honor this: the length of days. To speak to the core
that creates and swallows, to speak not always to what’s
shouting, but to what’s underneath asking for nothing.

I am at the mouth of the cave. I am willing to crawl.
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'Newer Alloys'
Jame'Ina Jackson-Zulu - 1979 -

Looking deep inside my mother's mattress, I found neglected treasure
between the stains
I am not your fertile ground, I am the seed I found there
Dig, bury me

Staring into my father's hat, I see sweat, copper hairs, broken promises,
When will I germinate? I am stuck inside, I am Her acorn
Inside my shell I wait and bleed

If words aren't rape, then why is rape a word?
Your time is up
You press your luck
Yeah, you push it, you push it

His words gave me boundaries
His words gave me chains
His words gave me gates, and wrought-iron centurions
His words give me
give me something to break
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Hello me, meet the real me
And my misfit's way of life
A dark, black past is my
Most valued possession
Hindsight is always 20-20
But looking back, it's still a bit fuzzy
Speak of mutually assured destruction?
Nice story, tell it to Reader's Digest!
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A Field of Light by Theodore Roethke

Came to lakes; came to dead water,
Ponds with moss and leaves floating,
Planks sunk in the sand.

A log turned at the touch of a foot;
A long weed floated upward;
An eye tilted.

Small winds made
A chilly noise;
The softest cove
Cried for sound.

Reached for a grape
And the leaves changed;
A stone's shape
Became a clam.

A fine rain fell
On fat leaves;
I was there alone
In a watery drowse.

Angel within me, I asked,
Did I ever curse the sun?
Speak and abide.

Under, under the sheaves,
Under the blackened leaves,
Behind the green viscid trellis,
In the deep grass at the edge of field,
Along the low ground dry only in August, -
Was it dust I was kissing?
A sigh came far.
Alone, I kissed the skin of a stone;
Marrow-soft, danced in the sand.

The dirt left my hand, visitor.
I could feel the mare's nose.
A path went walking.
The sun glittered on a small rapids.
Some morning thing came, beating its wings.
The great elm filled with birds.

Listen, love,
The fat lark sang in the field;
I touched the ground, the ground warmed by the killdeer,
The salt laughed and the stones;
The ferns had their ways, and the pulsing lizards,
And the new plants, still awkward in their soil,
The lovely diminutives.
I could watch! I could watch!
I saw the separateness of all things!
My heart lifted up with the great grasses;
The weeds believed me, and the nesting birds.
There were clouds making a rout of shapes crossing a windbreak
of cedars,
And a bee shaking drops from a rain-soaked honeysuckle.
The worms were delighted as wrens.
And I walked, I walked through the light air;
I moved with the morning.
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Sweet Lord _______
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Sweet Lord _______
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clown shaped void that used to be a human being
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On my way through the grave yard
A dead man spoke to me
Hand me your skull he cried; then alone I will not be
If as a kid I went do school
And was a soldier when I grew
If as a husband she gave me horns
And then I died as was my due
What do I owe the sun
For having warned my bones
We apologize if our activities caused anyone to die.
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