Selling a bunch of personal stuff

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I have a shit paying job and I need to sell things that I don't want so I could pay for my deteriorating rig.

Musical equipment // recording >>> hoarding // collecting music.

If you're a friend of mine and you see your release here, please don't take it personally. I'm selling my own Demilich here. That fucking hurts.

PS. if you see me sell iniQuity "Serenadium" here, that means I have developed some fucked up habit. Please have an intervention for me.
Lorde Beguiled
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interesting forum topic (sarcasm). Well, okay. I was just looking for something about hardware and system software, or programs or programming robots of .... How very interested in the topic. anyway
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valery121 wrote: Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:01 aminteresting forum topic (sarcasm).
not cool
good thing I'll be dead soon, cause I'm tired of liars winning
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