Trayvon Martin

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Re: Trayvon Martin

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Wank night's cancelled
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Re: Trayvon Martin

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BUNGVOX wrote:
THE KILL wrote:
BUNGVOX wrote:i'd kill a few people if i knew there was $200,000 on the other side of it.
no you wouldn't since in real life you're a fluffy teddybear :lhug:'s $200,000
I'm absolutely positive you'll make the right decision
The Bill wrote:Kids today with their artificially flavored kunt hands!
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Re: Trayvon Martin

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Cascade Whore wrote:
Only in America :tup2:
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Re: Trayvon Martin

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Pretty much. If Reee posters and my family can gather in Vault 11 and be safe, I wouldn't bat an eye if a nuke dropped on the US and cleansed the world of the ignorance there. Such a stupid, stupid yet wonderful country. It's maddening.
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Re: Trayvon Martin

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it most definitely rocks balls/sucks dick at the same time.

the trump worship really makes me incredibly ashamed of america.

trayvon could have been a rapper or a sports guy. he never got to realize his potential.

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Re: Trayvon Martin

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Frickin' Slayer wrote: Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:33 pm did n e 1 even bother to look up the signs of the 2 ppl involved b4 making this thred? :drooly: srsly u guys! astrology will giv u all the answers u need
holy shit.
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Re: Trayvon Martin

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Re: Trayvon Martin

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Stabbed in the eyes with a fucking caak...
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