my new man can smash

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my new man can smash

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his cock is like butter and he cna ram for hoours i aasked him to take ciallis and viagra at the same time and he was so hard yoyu could hang a 2 liter bottle of pepsi inn it when he shot his first load i gort the cmu in my eye furst time that happens and i was shocked and impressed att the same time he kept going only stopping for a glass of water and a few puffs on his thc vape pen then it was back to hammer town on my pretty little box of love as he calls it if nathan keeps this up i think i am goiing to let him launch one inside me to get me pargnent and hopefully he does the right think and makes m ee his wufe and i can finally move out of the trailer park and into a nice hourse with a big backyard that has apple trees so i can make all sorts of apple based goodies one thing i wan do is make apple butter with thc in it so we can get high while eating tasty croisonts with our tea
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Re: my new man can smash

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stink pig alt
Google it. My name is "Varg Vikernes".

I have 8 children.
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Re: my new man can smash

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thread is now about Enigma.

Enigma sucks.
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Re: my new man can smash

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Thread is now about Skeletor!

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Re: my new man can smash

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samiam wrote: Sun Apr 21, 2024 6:05 pm Most of my favorite bands are mexican, like cephalic carnage
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